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Biographical Sketch:

Georgia Perry-Ray, Consultant
31586 SR 55
Wardensville, WV 26851


  1. Bachelor of Business Administration, King College 1977
  2. Business Studies and Communications Certificate La Salle University 1990
  3. Continuous Studies Tax Law and Administration, Program and Project Analysis Internal Revenue Service through 2008

Research and Professional Experience:

  1. Present – 2008 Executive Officer, Tax Consultant and Process/Project Analysis North Mountain Tax Services and Doublecreek Consulting – Tax consultation/preparation and organizational analysis
  2. 2008-1983 Internal Revenue Service, Corporate Financial Office and Taxpayer Advocate Office at the national level.  Major duties included national procedural development and communication of complex concepts, process analysis and improvement of current systems, as well as oversight and tracking of the organization’s effectiveness of new tax law and other procedural implementation.
  3. 1983-1979 Executive Tax Service, Management and Tax Consulting

Other Accomplishments:

  1. 1992- Project Leader of the expedite refund project for the Internal Revenue Service, Philadelphia Service Center.  This project was the forerunner to the current system used for all refund processes within the Internal Revenue Service.
  2. 1998-1999 – Project Leader for the Taxpayer Advocate Office involvement in the Revenue Protection Strategy.  This project involved the implementation of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights II along with the successful implementation of the refund hold procedures involving incorrect social security number usage for primary taxpayers and their dependents.  This was a major undertaking for the Internal Revenue Service both in the computer programming as well as public impact aspects and involved the development and communication of many interlinking and complex concepts or procedures.
  3. 2002-2003 – Project Leader for the development of training material for Internal Revenue Management in the appropriate Use of Statistics and its Certification Processes.
  4. 2006-2007 Project Leader within the Internal Revenue Chief Financial Office (CFO) for the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART) implementation for three major program areas within IRS. 


  1. Process Procedures for PART within the IRS 2006
  2. Managerial Training for the Management and Use of Statistics 2003
  3. Employee Training for the Management and Use of Statistics 2003
  4. Internal Revenue Manual 1.5.3 2003
  5. Process Procedures for Revenue Protection Strategy Cases within the Taxpayer Advocate Program 1999
  6. Internal Revenue Manual 13.1.10, 1999
  7. Process Procedures for Handling Expedite Refunds in Hardship Cases 1992


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